Ferrets Breeders

Ferrets – Uses

Picture courtesy of Ferret Central © 1994-2002 Pamela Greene

Ferrets have been domesticated for at least 2500 years. The origin of domesticated Ferrets is still unknown. Perhaps the Phoenicians domesticated them. Ferrets were used in Greece, in Britain and other European countries originally to kill snakes and rats with the side benefit of domain mouse hunting.

Usually poor workers hunted rabbits with Ferrets to feed the family, which explains the lack of early evidence concerning Ferrets’ domestication.
Now wild rabbits cause great damage to crop and must be controlled.

So people who don’t like to poison rabbits use Ferrets to keep the rabbit numbers down and provide a healthy, additive-free food. Ferrets can even be fashionable – they are real popular in the USA right now. Ferreting is a very popular sport. The aim of a Ferret is to flush the rabbit out of its hiding place.

Ferrets – Feeding

Wild Ferrets feed on rabbits, rodents, amphibians, fish, insects, ground nesting birds, and poultry.

The Ferret is a true carnivore, but like most mammals, Ferrets crave the high energy of fruits and depend on their sugar to build the fat reserves to make it through the winter.

In captivity Ferrets are fed dry ferret or kitten food. Ferrets imprint on food at a very young age, which means they learn to eat food that wouldn’t be a wild animals’ diet.

Ferrets – Breeders Links

Picture courtesy of
Ferret Central © 1994-2002
Pamela Greene

Carolina Ferrets – Ships ferrets by air. Includes a click-and-order gallery with pictures, contact details, FAQ, and information on procedures.

Path Valley Farm – “Pets only” breeder in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Pictures, tips, and contact information.

Tokyo Ferret – Includes new litters, links, and artwork gallery.

Ferrets – Rescues Links

Cascade Ferret Network – Ferret shelter network located in Portland. Provides foster homes for domestic ferrets. Information on adoption and sponsorship and recommended resources for ferret owners.

Dookie’s House Ferret Rescue and Shelter – A no-kill ferret shelter located in Sebring. General information, forms for adoption and surrender agreements, care tips, photographs, and links.

Ferret Club of Canberra – Social club in Australia. Information on meetings, contact details, and photographs of the ferret members.

Ferret Information Rescue Shelter & Trust Society (FIRST) – Located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Member and contact information, memorial page, articles, adoption information, guidelines for breeding and showing ferrets, links, and pictures.

Ferret Rescue and Education Society – A charitable organization dedicated to enriching the lives of ferrets in Alberta, Canada. Includes information on adopting ferrets, events, and links.

Ferrets Rescue and Adoption – Non-profit, no-kill shelter in Falls Church. Contact details, links, and general information.

Ferrets Unlimited Ferret Shelter – No-kill shelter for ferrets and other animals located in Cleveland. Information on adoptable and special needs pets, shelter needs, links, current events, opinion articles, and contact details.

Ferrets-N-Limbo – Shelter for abandoned and stray ferrets. Newsletter, shelter statistics, membership opportunities, and contact information. Located in Altamonte Springs.

Greater Toledo Ferret Rescue – Includes a mission statement, residents, available ferrets, adoption process, surrendering your pet, fostering, and a wish list.

International Ferret Congress – Non-profit organization designed for educational and charitable purposes. Includes a list of upcoming events, a review of past events, and merchandise.

Loki’s House Ferret Rescue and Shelter – No-kill shelter in Fort Myers. Pictures and biographies of adoptables, surrender and adoption agreements, contact details, and how to help with funding.

Manitoba Ferret Association – Information service, shelter, and social club. Membership application, events, links, pictures, recommended local veterinarians, stories, fun features, and a memorial page.

MKARESQ – Shelter and rescue in Warren. Also offers pet-sitting services. Memorial page, shelter information, and contact details.

New Rainbow Bridge – Cyber-home of the Last Chance Ferret Rescue in Southampton. Includes poetry and art based on the story of the Rainbow Bridge as well as products for animal lovers, articles, and links.

Okeechobee Ferret and Cat Rescue – Located in Okeechobee. Information on donation, adoption, and sponsorship as well as links and contact details.

Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association – Organization with a shelter in Greensburg and a referral service in Centre County. Site includes information about ferrets, sheltering, adoption, veterinarians, and Pennsylvania ferret clubs.

Picture courtesy of
Ferret Central © 1994-2002
Pamela Greene

The Alberta Ferret Society – A charitable organization aiming to promote the well-being of ferrets. Membership, events, and adoption information, picture gallery, merchandise, and links.

The Oregon Ferret Shelter – Located in Oregon City. Information on adoptable ferrets, request form for boarding services, recommended local veterinarians, form to submit questions about ferret care, online store, and news.