Good Food for Ferrets

If you are considering having a ferret as a pet, or you already have a ferret, there is every need to know the diet necessary for her health and growth.

Ferrets are carnivorous animals and as such, should be fed with food rich in protein and fats. Meat is the best source of their diet as it replicates their natural diet in the wild. Ferrets diets should consist of 32-38% of protein and 15-20% of fat.

Naturally, ferrets do not have a cecum, which contains bacteria and microorganism necessary in breaking complex carbohydrates and fibre and as such, carbohydrate-rich food should be avoided when determining the diets to give to your ferrets.

Ferrets upkeep and feed are beneficial to their health; they could develop diseases like cancer when fed with the meals rich in carbohydrates and protein-rich vegetables.

As most people tend to be confused about the meal to feed their ferrets, this article act as a guide to choosing the best meal for your ferrets.

What Do Ferrets Eat

Okay, before taking the leap in getting meals for your ferrets, you should always try to provide a feed that fits in their body systems. That’s why necessary studies have been considered that ferrets feed should replicate what they eat in the wide because of the way their body system is built.

What Do Ferrets Eat

Ferrets naturally are a carnivore, and it is best ferrets are fed with raw meat, which is the best source of their protein intake and can be easily digested. Also, ferrets can eat kitten food, pray, baby food, and dried ferret food which are high in protein as well

Meats from chickens, beef, lambs or lambs heart, turkey head, rabbits, or pigeons are best recommended to feed your ferrets. Also, it is necessary to feed ferrets with raw animal bones for calcium and for cleaning their teeth.

While considering feeding your ferrets with rodents such as mice, chicks and rats, also consider not feeding your ferret with random mice from the environment as most mice could contain the parasite. It is best you get your rodents from a reputable shop.

Ferrets tend to be preservative; this is their natural habit in the wild. Most times, you feed ferrets with their daily meals; they tend to keep some to be eaten later. Be watchful of that so as prevent them from eating rotten and poisonous food.

What is the Best Ferret Food?

With the growing trend of ferrets at homes, the food industry has added an interesting segment to it by providing feeds for ferrets that tend to mimic what they eat in the wild. While most of these products tend to offer the best choice, but they are considerable numbers of factors to put on check while buying food for your pets. No single ferret’s food brand can claim to be the best choice, but they are some that come close. These are what those choices come with.

Meat-based: ferrets are carnivorous and as such meats and meat-based food are best for their nutrients and their essential growth. Try to avoid feeding your ferrets with vegetables, fruits or seeds as those may cause digestive issues to your pets. The best ferret food in the wild is a rodent. So get a meal for your ferret in the nearest retail shop that’s meat-based rich.

Easily digestible: Most products you find in the market today are marketed as “easily digestible”. This is because ferret has a unique digestive system that passes out within 3-4 hours after consumption. This is to say without proper processing of ferret’s food, necessary nutrients to meet your ferret needs could be lost

Mix nutrients: Ferrets are not like other rodents, and they retain their special meal in the wild while domesticated and as such, vegetables or fruits as feed should be avoided at all cost.

Apple, blackberries, lentils, lima beans, pears, pigeon beans, pink beans, pinto beans, raspberries, spinach, small white beans, winged beans, bananas, blueberries, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, dates, figs, green beans, guavas, kiwi fruit, onions, oranges, split peas, dried plums, sweet potato, peanut butter, raisins, rice, bananas, salt, chocolate shouldn’t be fed to your pets.

What Brand of Food Provides the Best Nutrition for Ferret?

Like earlier said, no single brand of food can claim to be the best in the market, but while choosing the brand to start using to feed your pets, you can look up if those brands meet the factored mentioned above. They are various brands of food available today that offers the best meal for your ferret.
You can look up getting any of these five products in the market.

  1.  Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 Digestive Support
  2.  Wysong Ferret Archetype Chicken Formula Ferret Diet
  3.  Marshall Premium Ferret Diet
  4.  Zupreem Premium Ferret Pet Food
  5.  Marshall Pet Marshall Premium Ferret Diet

How Much Should Ferrets Eat Everyday?

Good Food for Ferrets

Be aware that ferrets have a high metabolic rate and can eat 8-10 times of small meal a day. However, be sure not to overwhelm the ferret with food as access meal might be left uneaten and might result in the pet hoarding the food to be eaten later.
If it’s a raw meat product, hoarding the food might have some side effect on the ferrets as those foods might get rotten without you knowing. So it is best to feed your ferret with a reasonable amount of meal a day.


It is beneficial to give ferrets the best meal to aid in their health and general well-being. Also, put into consideration the amount and the type of food in terms of nutrients you give to your pets. However, if you are unsure of what to feed your ferrets, you can consult your vet.